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He's Still God           $15.00

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 He's Still God

released September 2022

Benefits    $15 

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1. Happy Rhythm

2. Can He Could He Would He

3. Cross of Grace

4. Benefits

5. This Old Sinner Testifies

6. Still

7. Feelin' Fine

8. When I Get Carried Away

9. God's Been Good

10. Midnight Cry

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He's Still God


New Beginning     

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1. Come on Let's Go to that Land

2. Light at the End of the Dark

3. I Know a Man Who Can

4. It's About the Risen Lord

5. Meet Me on the Other Side

6. When the Prodigal Comes Home

7. Camp Meeting Song

8. Grace Became Amazing

9. He's Still God

10. Telling the World About His Love

11.  Just as I Am Means Just As You Are

1.First Day In Heaven

2. Light At The End Of The Dark

3. Everything Good

4. Love Was In The Room

5. Oh What A Savior

6. This Ole House

7. I've Been Changed

8. Touring That City

9. In The Garden

10. Glory Road

11.  Celebrate Me Home

12.  When We All Get Together With The Lord